More Sign Awards!

Noella Cotnam and Nancy Beaudette, the two internationally respected graphics and sign making professionals, have done it again. The joint owners of Sign-It have won a couple more awards to add to their mushrooming collection of prized hardware. 

Sign-It placed first for the Schnitzels sign on Pitt Street. This was in the Canadian competition called “Sign Media National Sign Competition.” 

The company, located in Williamstown, also won a first place for the Brook Valley Grille sign located inside the Ramada Inn in Cornwall. 

There was a tie for this particular award. 

This competition was sponsored by St. Media, Sings of the Times, published in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Sign-It also garnered an honourable mention for P & R Humphries Farms in Lancaster in the commercial pylon signs category. 

Both Cotnam and Beaudette, who started the award-winning company in the early 1980s, are delighted about the recent awards. “During these tough economic times, it is so important to note positive things that happen in our community,” said Beaudette. “These awards certainly add a few feathers in Sign-It’s cap, but also more importantly, show how other local business people embrace the importance of good signage as a virtual ingredient for success.” 

Sign-It, originally located in the industrial area of Cornwall, relocated to the 200-year-old school house in Williamstown in 2007. 

This company has won numerous awards since inception. Signs manufactured by the company can be found all around the world. The company has produced signs for Beirut, England, Greece as well as Canada and the United States of America. 

Cotnam said the company has already won more than three dozen awards for innovative signs. 

A graduate of General Vanier Secondary School, Cotnam completed fine arts programme at St. Lawrence College. She also studied the fine arts and graphics program. 

Beaudette also attended St. Lawrence College. 

A friendship developed and they discovered their mutual talents, ending in the set-up of the sign-making company. 

Both Cotnam and Beaudette are also accomplished musicians. 

They joined forces to start Sign-It.