A Legacy of Signs at the Williamstown Fair

For more than two centuries, the Williamstown Fair has been the gathering place for thousands of area residents of our rural community, as well as many visitors from afar. Majestic pine trees, manicured lawns and beautiful well maintained heritage style buildings provide the ideal setting for “Canada’s Oldest Annual Fair”.

In 1994, Farmsigns.com (Sign It Signs & Design) hosted an international sign makers conference on the fairgrounds. Fondly known as "Letterheads", over 150 sign artists gathered from Canada and the U.S., and even Australia and England were represented. Together they had a "Sign Affair", creating numerous placards to identify various buildings and activities at the fair. 

Now, twenty years later, the collection of work is still being enjoyed by the thousands of people who visit the annual fair in August. Here are a few photos of the work we produced at that special conference.

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