Founding Farmers Tysons: It’s All in The Details! is so pleased to be the preferred sign company of Founding Farmers Restaurants in Washington, DC. We were recently featured on their blog and now share the article and links to their website with you. If you're in the DC area, please do look them up! 

Published Feb 5th, 2015

Today, our food & beverage team and the entire Founding Farmers family is thrilled to open the third installment in our highly successful  brand of restaurants.

With Founding Farmers Tysons, located in Tysons, VA, we have grown as a team and strived to push the innovation and ingenuity envelope even further in order to inspire guests. From the in-house butcher’s studio and juice cleanse program/cold pressed juice bar to churning butter in-house to the ‘micro-climate’ areas created to transport guests to individual spaces found in a traditional Virginia farmhouse, Founding Farmers Tysons pays homage to life on a Virginia farm — with all the modern amenities.

The design incorporates both nostalgia and whimsy. Elements best demonstrated perhaps by the cute critters (such as a baby black bear and a 5’ fuchsia duck), and whimsical designs (such as glowing gold in-laid eggs) that “live” within the space. Specially created by the amazing design and artistry team at SIGN IT Signs & Design, these adorable elements have become part of the Founding Farmers Tysons family.

Below is an inside look at the transformation process of the Founding Farmers Tysons incredibly adorable baby black bear. Inspired by the baby black bears that roam Virginia’s remote areas, our baby black bear sits up on his hind legs, nose in the air, taking in all the delicious aromas of the restaurant.

Come in and enjoy Founding Farmers Tysons delicious food, the modern farmhouse feel, and be as charmed as we are by our family of critters!